We do full colour printing of glossy flyers, business cards & presentation folders at very competitive prices.  We print NCR books (Carbonated, Perforated, Duplicate, Triplicate Receipt books, Quote books, Order books).  We also do printing of full colour booklets, brochures, certificates, calendars, etc.


Business Cards


Printed full colour on 350 g Matt or Gloss Board


100 single sided cards  

R200 excl VAT

100 double sided cards

R450 excl VAT


250 single sided cards

R300 excl VAT

250 double sided cards

R500 excl VAT


500 single sided cards

R350 excl VAT

500 double sided cards

R550 excl VAT


1000 single sided cards

R450 excl VAT

1000 double sided cards

R750 excl VAT


Glossy Flyers


Printed full colour d/sided on 130 g  Gloss Paper


1000 x A6 @ R1050

2000 x A6 @ R1275

5000 x A6 @ R1500

10 000 x A6 @ R2700


1000 x A5 @ R1350

2000 x A5 @ R1950

5000 x A5 @ R2100

10 000 x A5 @ R3950


1000 x A4 @ R2250

2000 x A4 @ R2750

5000 x A4 @ R4200

10 000 x A4 @ R7000


x 1000 @  R400

x 2000 @ R450

x 5000  @ R600

x 10 000 @ R120o


NCR Books (invoice books, receipt books, quote books, order books, etc)


Perforated, duplicated, carbonated, numbered books

A5 Duplicated NCR Books

1 col 

10x   R1850

20x   R2250

50x  R4400

100x R7490


A5 Triplicated NCR Books

1 col 

10x R1890

20x R2450

50x R4550

100x R7640


A4 Duplicated NCR books

1 col 100pg

10 x R1960

20x R2870

50x  R6230

100x  R10700


A4 Triplicated NCR books

1 col 50 pg

10x R2030

20x R2940

50x R6300

100x R10900


Presentation / Corporate Folders

Printed full colour outside on 300g board, incl flap


250x   R5740

500x  R7500

750x R8400

1000x  R9660

Express folders: 20-200x  R30 each

Letterheads & Com Slips

80g bond, full colour



 @ R1950


Comp Slips


@ R1950