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Signs That Speak: The Hilarious Yet Essential Types Every Business Needs

Welcome to the world of business, where signs aren't just silent decorations—they're your business's loud and proud spokesperson! We get it; signage might not be the first thing you think of when you're setting up shop, but trust us, it's like having a secret weapon for success. So, buckle up, because we're about to explore the hilarious and essential types of signs that every business should totally, absolutely, no-doubt-about-it consider.

1. Exterior Business Signage:

a) Building Signs:

Think of these as your business's name tag, but way fancier. They're like the superhero capes of the signage world—making your brand stand out from the crowd.

b) Illuminated Signs:

Let's be real, these signs are like the cool kids who shine even when the sun goes down. It's like they're saying, "Hey, night owls, we're open for business too!"

c) Sidewalk Signs (A-Frame Signs):

Imagine these signs as your business's flirtatious wink to passersby. "Psst, come on in, we've got something special today!"

2. Promotional Signs:

a) Window Graphics:

These signs are your shop's fashion-forward outfits, changing with the seasons. Plus, they're like confetti for your windows—sprinkling a dash of excitement!

b) Banners and Flags:

Picture these as your business's party banners, shouting, "Guess what? We've got something awesome happening here!"

3. Interior Business Signage:

a) Indoor Directional Signs:

These are your friendly guides in the maze of your establishment, helping customers navigate like GPS for humans.

b) Menu Boards:

Menus? More like 'menus with personality.' These boards are the smooth talkers that make your food and drinks sound irresistible.

c) Informational Signs:

These signs are like your business's wise old owl, providing essential info without the boring lecture.

4. Vehicle Signage:

a) Vehicle Wraps:

Imagine your business vehicle as a celebrity, rolling around town and signing autographs (aka promoting your brand).

b) Magnetic Signs:

These signs are like your business's travel companions—always ready to hop on a vehicle and spread the word.

5. Trade Show and Event Signage:

a) Pop-up Banners:

Just like instant noodles, these banners pop up in a jiffy, making your booth the coolest spot at any event.

b) Tabletop Displays:

Think of these displays as your business's chatty representatives at trade shows, having a blast and making friends.


Phew, we've covered more types of signs than there are emojis, and guess what? Each one is like a character in your business's story. They're the real MVPs that make people smile, wander in, and feel like they're part of something amazing. So, next time you're setting up shop, remember that signs aren't just silent; they're your business's voice, adding humor, charm, and a splash of "Hey, come on in!" to your brand.

Feeling ready to make your signs shine? Reach out to us at Trinity Sign and Print, because we're all about helping your business speak volumes through the power of fantastic signage.

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