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Why going cheap with Signage is a bad idea.

Going cheap with signage can be a bad idea for several reasons:

  1. Poor Quality: Cheap signage may be made with lower-quality materials, resulting in a shorter lifespan, which can make it look old and worn out quickly. It may also have defects or manufacturing errors that can cause it to break down or malfunction.

  2. Poor Visibility: Cheap signage may lack the visual appeal and design elements necessary to capture the attention of potential customers. If a sign is difficult to read or unattractive, people may simply ignore it or fail to notice it altogether.

  3. Misrepresentation: Cheap signage can also create the impression that a business is not successful or professional. A poorly designed or low-quality sign may lead potential customers to question the quality of the products or services offered by the business.

  4. Limited Functionality: Cheap signage may not be able to perform all the functions required of it, such as lighting up in the dark or being visible from a distance. This can limit the effectiveness of the sign and reduce its impact on potential customers.

  5. Hidden Costs: While cheap signage may seem like a cost-effective option at first, it may end up being more expensive in the long run. Poor-quality signage may need to be replaced or repaired more frequently, which can add up to significant costs over time.

In summary, investing in high-quality signage can help businesses create a positive first impression, capture the attention of potential customers, and convey a professional image. While cheap signage may seem like a cost-effective option initially, the potential drawbacks and hidden costs make it a risky investment.

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